“…the saving and preservation of human lives; to give aid and assistance to persons in time of peril and disaster”
- HRS Articles of Incorporation, 1950

In 1949, citizens from our area worked together to create a volunteer agency named Harrisonburg Rescue Squad. The following year they incorporated via documents that still bear their names. Included was an outline of the major purposes for the squad’s existence from which the above quote is taken.
Over 60 years later, this remains the focus of our agency and our members. This singularity of purpose motives us. As our members accept tasks and responsibilities, they do so as part of a team effort that seeks a single outcome: to save lives and give aid and assistance to those in need.
Our industry is evolving. The lines between pre-hospital care, primary care and social services are narrowing. For example, paramedics in some communities make home visits to decrease the use of 911 resources for non-emergent needs. Over the next decade, the delivery of EMS services will change significantly. However, our purpose and our focus will remain the same.
Another factor that has remained is our attachment to our community.  We are your rescue squad. The Harrisonburg – Rockingham community has supported our agency for over 60 years and today, as always, we strive to do our best to serve this community.  We truly appreciate the support we have received over the years and respect the amount of trust placed in us to provide care to those who are in their time of greatest need. We are proud of our community and hope to always be an agency which you can be proud of as well.