Special Operations Membership

Special Operations membership (previously Technical Rescue Membership) was created to have a membership for individuals that are highly trained in vehicle extrication, rope rescue, and search and rescue methods and techniques. The main focus of technical rescue members will be staffing of our Heavy Rescue vehicle (squad truck). Experience and certification are requirements prior to acceptance of this membership category.  An additional requirement for this membership type is an interview with the Special Operations members in order to assess experience within this category.
Monthly Duty Requirements:
24 Hours
Monthly & Special Meetings:
Mandatory Attendance
Voting Privileges:
Eligible for Operational Office:
"…the saving and preservation of human lives; to give aid and assistance to persons in time of peril and disaster” – HRS Articles of Incorporation, 1950     In 1949, citizens from our area worked together to create a volunteer agency named Harrisonburg Rescue...

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